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Please read the three posts for much better understanding of what is involved in getting a Sanskrit tattoo and how I can be of help in your beloved project:
1. Frequently Asked Questions  (This post)
2. Get your Authentic Sanskrit tattoo
3. Common Errors in Sanskrit Tattoos (why I don’t do just translations, but write as well)

I am here to
provide a pleasant experience
for creating lifelong memory
of your important message -
translated authentically and
written beautifully.

Q. Will you help me with my translation for a Sanskrit Tattoo?

Answer: Yes, that is why this page is created!

Q. How do I get started?

Answer: Read the three posts as mentioned above. Fill the form. Send an email.

Q. What all do you provide?

Answer: During the process of your tattoo project, there will be detailed email discussions to understand your needs, clarify any doubts (as needed), and make any suggestions.

At the end of the process, this is what you will get:
  • correct and appropriate translation of the spirit of your phrase/message (not just literal)
  • word by word explanation of the translation,
  • beautifully written text,
  • properly sized images (multiple sizes if needed, e.g. 4, 4.5, 5 inches sizes)
  • print-ready PDF file to create the stencil, thus ensuring error free tattoo.
  • Post-inking verification is also free.
  • You can get the tattoo done from any studio that can make stencils.

Q. Do you do translation only?

Answer: No. And for very good reasons too. Find out here - Common Errors . Before you decide to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ if only you had the translation, read the link once.

Q. I already have a translation, can you verify if it is correct?

Answer: Yes, and it is free for first time. Maybe you already got a translation from some other source and just want to verify if you got what you paid for.

But please don't ask 20 questions with 20 different translations :

And do not simply copy words from online Sanskrit dictionaries and keep verifying. That is not the purpose of free verification. You can't translate just because you got a dictionary, you need to know the language to some extent. 

Q. Can I use an online translator for other languages?

Answer: Even for modern European languages the translations are at best 60% correct. For Indian languages it is still not so good. And for Sanskrit, not only there are no good online translators, the nuances of the language are many, and you don't want to ink on your body based on what a machine thought your emotions meant.

For example, would you trust someone who doesn't speak, read, write or understand English, but has access to English dictionary in another language to be able to translate the sentiments of your tattoo text? Similarly, it is not possible to translate in Sanskrit just by using a dictionary unless you already know the language very well.

There are many Sanskrit words for a given English word, so which one to choose? That would depend upon what you mean by your original word.

For example, by the word 'free', you may be trying to convey one who :
  • is independent (like an independent country)
  • does what one chooses (free will, maybe even irresponsible)
  • has no responsibility (has not or cares not)
  • is not trapped (maybe set free or escaped on own)
  • has broken the chains (escaped on own effort)
  • is available at no charge
Which one to pick? Depends on what you want to convey!

Would you trust someone who doesn’t speak, read, write or understand English, but has access to online English dictionary in another language to be able to translate the sentiments of your tattoo text? Then why do so for your Sanskrit tattoo?

Q. How are you any better than any other online service?

Answer: Well, check out the photos on the page. After helping hundreds of customers in the last few years, and reading their grateful emails afterwards, I feel very blessed to have made positive difference in their lives for a lifetime!

If nothing else, check out my post Common Sanskrit Tattoo Errors found on the net to know why you should let an expert help you with your important project of a permanent tattoo.
  • Sanskrit translation and computer fonts are not as straightforward as you might want them to be.
  • You need someone who actually understands the language, not someone who can Google an online Sanskrit dictionary.
  • You also want someone who can feel the original English message for its nuances, and also feel and think in Sanskrit to express it appropriately.
  • Translation is not just of words, it is of meaning, in context, sometimes poetic.
  • Font rendering issues are real. Real bad. Without an image, there is no guarantee of error-free tattoo.
  • I have authored a book, multiple workbooks and popular Sanskrit website and FB page in Sanskrit.
  • I can provide insights into Yoga, spiritual, philosophical, religious or life wisdom to decide a beautiful message - all based on wisdom scattered all over Sanskrit literature.
I will help you along the way to decide what will suit best, what shades of translation are possible and what would be a better choice. 

Q. How long does the whole process take?

Answer: After payment is made, normally it can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending upon what you ordered and how busy I am! Don't rush, it is a permanent tattoo on your body, plan it out in advance. Files are sent via email. Depending upon where in the world you are, it can take 8-10 hours before you will see my reply. So provide all the relevant information, as much as possible, when filling out the form.

If you have a genuine need for faster turnaround, please let me know in email, and I will let you know if I can meet your deadline.

Q. I filled out the form, but why have I not got any response?

Answer: Did you send a follow-up/test email after filling out the form?

I try to reply all mails within 12 to 24 hours. If I genuinely am not able to reply within reasonable time, please do message through the page or send me an email. Most common cause for this is that my reply is sitting in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder, and mark my mail as 'Not spam' if it was classified as such.

To ensure I can contact you with my reply, please do one or more of these:
  • Send an email to AuthenticSanskritTattoos@gmail.com even after filling out the form.
  • Check your spam folder in mail if my reply ended up there.
  • Send a FaceBook message to the Page Admin. That way I can message you if you forget to read your mail.

Q. I don't have Paypal account, how can I pay?

Answer: Paypal allows you to use almost any card credit or debit, and you don't need to create Paypal account just for this one time payment. On the Paypal page, simply choose the link for using other cards. If you don’t have any means of paying online, you may want to ask help from a friend or family member who can. Currently, I can only accept payment via Paypal.

Q. Can I get minor adjustments done after payment is made?

Answer: Yes, you can. Mostly, the adjustments afterwards are limited to resizing, or minor changes to the final image. It doesn’t involve rewriting, or combining and mixing elements from the multiple styles I send. Each writing is consistent within its own self, and mix and match between them is not a good idea. For more involved designs and decisions, choose Option #4. If you have any concerns, ask in email.

Q. How much will it cost?

Answer: The pricing is not based on number of letters. When you need a tattoo, you need the whole text, and translation can be made in various ways to increase or decrease the text. So, my price is by 'a short Sanskrit sentence' length, usually 4-5 words. The final price depends on what option you choose (computer typed font or handwritten calligraphy or custom design), the length of your text, and the final translation. Don’t worry, we will work things out.

Q. Do you provide AUDIO file so I can hear how my tattoo text is pronounced?

Answer: Yes, please mention so when you order! They are at an extra nominal charge.

I am here to
provide a pleasant experience
for creating lifelong memory
of your important message -
translated authentically and
written beautifully.

Time to check out two more very important links 
3. Common Errors in Sanskrit Tattoos (why I don’t do just translations, but write as well)

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