Love Tattoos? Love Sanskrit Tattoos??
But afraid to get Beckham-ed???
We don't blame you.

There is a growing interest in Sanskrit text tattoos all over the world. While that is a very nice trend, it pains to see many of them either have errors, glaring mistakes or are in one of the most simple font that comes with the computer, but is not capable of rendering all Sanskrit ligatures (conjugate letters). Most of the times the wearer does not even realize the mistake. Enter - Authentic Sanskrit Tattoos.

Imagine this ...

Your anniversary (or any other important occasion) is coming up ... You want to give a unique gift to your other half ... you decide upon a beautiful sentiment ... expressed in an ancient language ... written in an exotic script ... are you imagining?

You get the tattoo from a cookie cutter, off the shelf translator site or worse, from an automated translator without knowing the language or the script. You end up with something like the pictures here, with errors you don't even know. You spend good money and time and endure some pain, all to get something that is not correct, or is not aesthetic.

OR Imagine this ... 

If you get personalized service, discussion about the context and usage of your phrase to understand the nuances of meanings, choose one or more fonts from an array of more than 15 fonts, or even choose to get it hand written or even better get a calligraphy done! To top it all, you also get an audio file for the correct pronunciation of the text, and any background interesting stories, tidbits, trivia so that when people admire your tattoo at parties, you have something to say and share.

Only if you are serious about your tattoo 

Seeing these common and pervasive issues, this service is provided so people who genuinely want a Sanskrit tattoo for its powerful language features and mysticism get the right text, know enough about it to carry a conversation with friends, and be happy that they have got the right thing. If getting a tattoo is just a fleeting desire to be hip, this may not be the best place, but if you have some deep connection and reason for the tattoo, you may want to contact us.


  • FREE VERIFICATION help. If you already have an image, a quick verification can be done. Attach the image in an email or Facebook message. See contact info below.
  • AUTHENTIC tattoos - done by author of Sanskrit book and Workbooks.
  • CORRECT transliteration, no font rendering errors - GET AN IMAGE.
  • Language translation is NOT LITERAL TRANSLATION, it must follow the nuances and special ways of the target language. The context, usage etc will be discussed.
  • MULTIPLE FONTS, as many as 15 styles, or even handwritten texts sent as images. Choose font number from image at end of this post.
  • CALLIGRAPHY - plain (more like writing) or curvaceous (long curvy tails with brush like effect). See the images below. Available only in black and white. Color and other artwork is a custom request and charges separately.
  • HEAR YOUR TATTOO - How is the text in your tattoo spoken? Audio MP3 file sent via email.
  • FULL DESCRIPTION of what you are getting, any related stories behind the words, phrases, terms
  • CUSTOM REQUESTS Also provide famous spiritual, religious, or otherwise wise quotes/mantra-s as applicable to suit your needs. Text from Yogasutra, Dhammapada, Bagawad-Gita, Veda-s are also very popular among many. Custom request for calligraphy if it involves non-standard layout or colors.
  • PATIENT DISCUSSION to figure out what you want, rather than a half-cooked literal translation.
  • REASONABLE CHARGES (via Paypal) - based on your exact needs and features you request. Payment button at end.
  • CONTACT via Email or Facebook

When you invest so much time, money and some pain to get a tattoo, why not a little more to make sure you have got the right thing to begin with? No point repenting later.