Monday, August 13, 2012

How letters combine in Sanskrit?

Many of you may be using an online generator to get your tattoo text. But do you know if it is correct?
A language has two parts - sounds and letters to write those sounds.
In English and most Romance language, letters remain separate. Some languages do have ligatures where two adjacent letters combine. '&' is an example of a ligature that has now become a symbol of its own.

So first you need to decide if you want to translate the word to Sanskrit or not. Sometimes, like in proper names, there is no translation, just a change of script.

Then, if you want the translation, you need to worry about writing in the Sanskrit script, called Devanagari. Writing in this script is not difficult but it is not simple, specially if you do not already know how to write in it.

DO NOT rely on an online generator, or you will have some terrible results. There are so many requests to verify tattoo images received, and more than half turned out to be so off the mark, that one can't begin to say what is wrong. Simply because feeding English spellings to the generator does NOT work.

Below is an example of how consonant groups change the base letter as well! This is is next level of complexity.

If you are going to spend time, money, energy, emotions in a permanent tattoo, why not make sure you have the right translation, text, beautiful fonts to match it? Why cut corners there? Check out the Get Tattoo Image page for your options.